Cedar Fiber

-Aromatic Red Cedar Flakes
-No Dust
-No Flies, Fleas or Insects
-Convenient 2.5 Cubic Foot Bags
-Plastic Liner Hold Moisture In and Rain Out!
-Particles Small Enough to Make Cleaning -Faster and Without Major Loss!

High Quality Livestock Bedding

Bedding Worth Spreading

Premium Pine Shavings

-100% Premium quality Pine – No recycled or scrap materials are used in manufacturing.
-Soft flake bedding – NO chips or splinters.
-Dust Free – 100% dust vacuumed and essentially dust-free.
-A thinner flake, optimizing shifting while cleaning, maximizing efficiency.
-Fluffier and more absorbent compared to non-molded flake.
-Break down and absorbs ammonia and nitrogen from barn waste faster and more effectively than other species of wood shavings.
-Easier to compress making it possible for our 3 cubic foot bag to expand to 12 cubic feet.
-Double screen to remove any unwanted materials.

-39 bags per pallet


-Control Ammonia and odors the natural way.
-SciZyme is safe for both people and animals, including small pets.
-Controls odor in:
  *Cool Room
  *Cages & Kennels
  *Barns & Stalls
  *Petting Areas
  *Bedding Areas
  *Holding Pens
  *Trucks & Trailers

  *Livestock Auction Facilities

  *Fair Arenas

-Promote Hair Growth, Healthier Animals, Quicker Weight Gain, Fresher Air.

-By controlling Ammonia and odor near livestock, you will reduce fly populations and increase the health and respiratory conditions of your show animals.  Simply apply with a sprayer to Cedar Fiber and Pine Shavings where odor and Ammonia will be present.

Bedding Worth Spreading​

MDFP Pine Shavings

-MDFP is ideal for horse, cattle and swine shows, or
Large scale poultry, bovine or swine barns.
-White Spruce and Pine wood shaving – NO recycled products or tainted wood.
-A thin large flake.
-3 cubic foot packaging expanding to 8-9 cubic feet when fluffed.
-40 bags per pallet.